Our clients can avail from us a wide assortment of pneumatic Concrete Breaker PB 21. Due to robust construction, these Concrete Breakers are highly efficient in tackling tough demolition jobs. Further, these Breakers have balanced power-to-weight ratio and are easy to handle, which save labor cost and assist in efficient working. Our range of Concrete Breakers outperforms any other tool in the same capacity. The PB 21 Breaker has high hitting power, nearly as hard as the 90 lbs Breakers and thus, it is well suited for medium demolition work in construction and plant maintenance.

Other Details:

PB 21 Breakers are heavy
These consume more air but hit harder than other Concrete Breakers

Model Weight Air Consumption Piston Overall Lenght Frequency Hose Connection
HR 117 Kg (at 6 Bar) m3/min (87 PSI) Cfm Diameter MM mm Inch Rate bpm mm Inch
- 36 2.5 88 57 710 28 1200 19 3/4